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Tutorial: Editing card and scrapbook templates in Xtreme.

You may not have noticed that there's a collection of templates in the clipart gallery of Xtreme, such as cards, photo frames, newsletters and CD artwork. This month we've added some new, free Thanksgiving themed templates to the gallery including, for the scrapbookers amongst you, a free Thanksgiving scrapbook theme.

Simply open the Clipart gallery , and click on the Get Clipart button. That will download a new folder called Thanksgiving with your free Thanksgiving scrapbook theme and cards, even if you are running the trial.

All the Xtreme templates are different, some cards include photos that can be changed (though not the new Thanksgiving ones), all have editable colors and editable text. There's appropriate instructions alongside each template, but we're also including below a quick run through of how to edit the customizable parts the cards and/or scrapbook theme.

To change the text:
In the Text Tool, simply click on the text and edit as required.

To change the font, drag select the region of text, and select from the font drop-down menu on the InfoBar or open the Font gallery and double click on a font.

To change colors:
To edit the colors, open the Color Editor by clicking the icon at the left end of the color line. Then drag one of the Theme color patches from the color line at the bottom of the screen onto the Color Editor. There will usually be one or more named Theme colors in the color line. (Hover the mouse over the color line to see the tooltip showing the color names). Sometimes there wil be several colors linked to a Theme color that will change at the same time.

This shows the same theme but how the colors can be changed to create a new look.

Text on the back of the card:
Note: you should delete the instructions from the back of the card before printing (click on them in the Selector Tool and press delete). These instructions are outside the print area.

  • To add or change text on the back or front of the card, in the Text Tool, simply click where you want the text and start typing.
  • To create a column of text, in the Text Tool, click and drag to the right, for the width of the required column, and then start typing.

To replace a photo with your own:

  • Drag the photo from your Windows Explorer onto this page.
  • Then just delete the photo. It remains loaded in to your Bitmap gallery.
  • Open the Bitmap gallery and scroll to the required new photo.
  • Drag the photo from the gallery and drop it over the desired picture frame.

To reposition the photo in the frame:
Select the Fill Tool, then click on the photo. You will see a 2-way fill arrow. You can re-position by dragging the center point.

To resize picture contents only:
As above, but drag on the end of the fille arrows to resize the picture. But make sure you hold Ctrl and Shift keys while dragging to ensure the picture remains upright and in the correct proportions.

To edit photos using XPE:
Because the photos are being used as bitmap fills you can't double click to launch the XPE. Instead you can select the photo and then go to Utilities > Xara Picture Editor, or open the Bitmap gallery and right click on the photo and select Xara Picture Editor. This will create a new bitmap in the gallery.

To rotate a picture:
Open the Bitmap gallery, right click on the photo and select Xara Picture Editor. Rotate the photo in XPE and select the check icon to return to Xtreme. This creates a new copy of the photo that can be dropped on to any frame.

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