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Inspirational Art

We featured Alan Burn's classic watch illustration last month but there are other top Xara artists who have created inspirational clock and watch images. We have selected a few of the best below.

Note:Where you see a small image in the left hand corner, you can move your mouse over it to reveal a detailed view of the drawing.

Valery Kouleshov

Another truly outstanding example from Valery Kouleshov (you can see some more of his images - and the other artists featured on this page in the Xara Gallery). There is so much good stuff in this drawing it's difficult to know where to start. Note the fractal textures on the clock case, the use of the wood bitmap texture for the table of course, and the flame of the oil lamp. Truly inspiring.

José Campoy

Many of you will have admired José's photo-realistic images before. Given his skill with reflections you may not be surprised to find that he is also a master of chrome and glass, as these two beautiful watch drawings reveal.

This example looks like photograph, but it's a drawing created in Xara Xtreme!

Simone Pampado

You can download the file for this first image from Simone from the clipart gallery in Xara Xtreme (including trial versions of Xtreme - click on the 'scissors' icon on the top toolbar to open the clipart gallery, then click Get Clipart - this image is in the Examples folder).


Alan Burns

This is available in the clipart gallery as well. What you may not have noticed is the use of transparency at the ends of watch straps. Also this image uses named colors so instead of having a gold colored watch you can have it any color you like.