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Inspirational Art

You may well have seen previous work from Miroslav Hristov in the Xara Gallery or in his posts on TalkGraphics.com (as Minimiro) but here's something new from Miroslav - a website created entirely in Xara Xtreme V4, using the new HTML export feature. Visit minimiro.com to see the full work! (still under construction in some parts).


Miroslav is a commercial designer and has created many packaging designs using Xara Xtreme, including the current Xara Xtreme V4 box artwork. Here are some other recent designs that we have not displayed before.

But we also wanted to show some other recent designs that demonstrate the variety of Miroslav's work, demonstrating Xara Xtreme's flexibility as a tool for handling text, photos and drawings to create effective page layouts. Now that Xtreme can create web page layouts too we think that Miroslav has no excuse for using another tool for any of his design work - and we hope you will agree.