Inspirational Art : Vladimyr Savvateew

Xara Xtreme is a drawing program. It's not painting program. But sometimes its users create drawings that leave you open mouthed in wonder - how anyone could create artwork like this in a drawing program, is really amazing. So utterly like a painting - and in this case exceptional fantasy 'paintings' produced by Vladimyr Savvateew (we seem to have an unusual number of exceptional Russian talent using our software).

It's pure inspiration to see artists creating examples like this - beyond anything we imagined possible when we created Xara Xtreme. Paintings like this, in a vector graphic package, are possible for two reasons:
  • Firstly Xara Xtreme has the speed and transparency controls to create photo-realistic drawings more quickly and easily than any other software. Rendering images of this complexity is simple impractical in any of vector package - no matter how much money you pay for it.
  • Secondly we have artists with exceptional talent and the patience and perseverance to produce artwork like this. Make no mistake, art like this takes a great deal of time no matter what tools you are using.
Vladimyr produces artwork for book covers - SciFi Fantasy artwork - as you can see.

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Discussed on the TalkGraphics threads - and