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Inspirational Art

This month we're featuring the first few images in a 'pulp fiction' series that's been running in the Xara Gallery at TalkGraphics, from forum poster MarkMyWords.

Mark explains: “This was a deliberate attempt to take the wonderful feel of kitsch design and over-wrought emotion featured on pulp covers from the thirties to the early fifties and marry that to a modern style of rendering. These are a little hit and miss in places, with regard to that aim, but overall I think it works.”

“The images were created as part of a commission of six covers for prints at 40" by 30", Xtreme was ideal for such large pieces, vector being resolution independent and much less of a strain on my PC than bitmaps of that size.”

“I don't have permission to show the sixth in the series, for various reasons, but I will be creating more "Pulp covers" for print, including Goldenage comic heroes, Lurid paperback books, SF and noir film posters and maybe some 'nose-cone' art - by this I mean the kind of pin-up painting seen on World war II bombers.”

“This genre is great fun. If you are wondering what the "Mukki" signature is about, that's the name I use at deviantart; Mukkinese, inspired by a great classic film "The case of the Mukkinese battle horn".”

You can find the full posts on TalkGraphics for each of these images, and check for new ones, by searching for MarkMyWords. But if you'd like to see Mark's above comments in context and the forum's feedback - wise, witty or otherwise! - then you can start right now with the "To steal my man!" thread.

Hold me no more!, the first of the series:

To steal my man!

Love slave of the mind-controller!

The bad blond!

Attack of the tentacles!