Inspirational Art

This month's inspirational art comes direct from the Xara Gallery on the TalkGraphics forum.

In many ways this is a classic vector illustration. Clean lines and subtle shading produce this super-clean scooter image, discussed here:

On the other hand this image doesn't look at all like a traditional vector image:

The only bitmap used in this image is the texture for the bark of the tree. Outstanding. This is discussed here:

Finally the master of the photorealistic, Valery Kouleshov from Russia, has recently shown another outstanding example of the capabilities of Xara Xtreme. This is not a photo - it is a pure vector drawing. The shading effects, as demonstrated in earlier editions of the Outsider, are created with a combination of graduated colored shapes, sometimes with some transparency, but nearly always with a feathered edge to blend the shaded shape onto the background.

In the Forum Valery illustrates the steps used to draw the hair.

And also the steps in creating the shading on the back of the woman's shirt.