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Inspirational Art

Many of you have been inspired and entertained in equal measure by the movies of Denis Sazhin. If you haven't seen them yet then you're missing a treat, so rush along now to YouTube for Happy Squirrel, Icon People and insight into how to create an Icon in Four Minutes.

Happy Squirrel

Icon People
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Icon in Four Minutes

For a 'big screen' example of Denis' technique we're featuring this image of Cats in Trees, first aired in this TalkGraphics thread and rightly admired for the very individual combination of imagination, humor and skill.

No doubt everyone will have their favourite cat, but here's ours (mouse lovers, look away now). The detailed view also gives you a better idea of of how this was done and below that we've also included a wireframe view.

One other tip from Denis, the grass was created by drawing a small section of grass and creating a brush for the Freehand and Brush tool.