• Our Xmas offers aren’t over yet, starting 21st December we have offers on all our download software titles - Web Designer, Xara3D, Menu Maker and ScreenMaker. And don't forget that Template Pack 1 for Xtreme 5 and Web Designer and Gary Bouton's Xara Xtreme Guide have been recently launched and they're still on their Intro Offers. Christmas presents all round! More info below.
  • The holiday is also a perfect opportunity to create your entries for our contest - we're on the last month, so you just have until 15th January to submit your entries.
  • We have no tutorial by Xara this month, but don’t miss Gary Priester's seasonal frosty window tutorial on the Xara Xone, or his Holiday Group Show, displaying the work of 35 very different Xara artists (see below).
  • And finally we at Xara would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and the best of luck for 2010.

Some of the latest commercial work by Miroslav (designer of the Xara Xtreme boxes), whose skilled mix of illustration, text and photos are a great demonstration that Xtreme is the perfect tool for this sort of combined creative work.

Don't miss out on the intro offers for these two new products - Template Pack 1 for Xtreme 5/Xtreme Pro 5 and Web Designer and Gary Bouton's popular Xara Xtreme Guide.

It's the last month of our quarterly contest on the theme of 'autumn'. You have until 15th January to submit your entries. The prize remains Outsider Glory, $100 of Xara or MAGIX software of your choice or a $100 credit to your Xara account.

For some starting ideas, follow this link to a selection of great iStockphoto drawings like the ones above.

Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.

Our pick of Top Talk this month:
V5 Patches
We've recently released free updates to both the Xtreme 5 and Xtreme Pro 5 CD and the Web Designer download. You can download the patches using the Update Program option in the help menu:
Find out more Web Designer
Find out more Xtreme 5

MAGIX-Xara Bundle Offer
If you're interested in creating videos for your site, then there's just one day left in our current Xara-MAGIX bundle offer. Xara Web Designer + MAGIX Video Easy for just $59, saving $30 on the normal price if bought separately. Ends 21st December.
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"It's as close as you'll come to handing your Photoshop mock-up to a coder and saying "make that into a live site"."

"Xara Xtreme is a particularly strong contender for this visual design approach."

And from readers of the new Xara Xtreme Guide:

“Whether you're a novice or power user, you're bound to gain informative and useful insight into the depth of the program. It's definitely worth its weight in paper and worth every moment of your time.” JM Casey (NEPA)

“For nearly 10 years I have used Xtreme or one of it's predecessors. I highly recommend Gary Bouton's book for getting to know the ins and outs of Xtreme quickly and enjoying every moment.” Billy J. Taylor

Easy Ellipses
Did you know that you can make a Quickshape polygon into an ellipse by double-clicking on its center.

Scaling Filled Objects
To scale or move an object without changing its fill, just tap the - key on the numeric keypad after you have started dragging.

Making Copies
To make a copy of an object, drag the object and simply press the right mouse button where you want the copy. To make the copy aligned vertically, horizontally or diagonally with the original, hold the Ctrl key while dragging.

How do you normally cut, copy & paste?
Animated Cartoons
Happy Birthday from Zebtoonz! 25 seconds that will bring a smile to your face.

Zeb also gives a 3 part tutorial on how he creates animations like this using Xara Xtreme and Toon Boom Studio. You can find part 1 here.

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