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Inspirational Art

It's Christmas, so we don't need any excuse, but as it happens some of the Christmas card designs on display in TalkGraphics and the Xara Xone are fully worthy of Inspirational Art status at any time of year.

It's been difficult to chose, but we've picked out a handful of our favorites from the last few years, a selection from Bob Hahn, Paul Söderholm and Gary Priester.

This first from Bob Hahn was posted a few days ago in TalkGraphics, as a tribute to his lost dog, who passed away during the year but is present in sprit at least.

The second from Bob - customized for Xara, thank you Bob - makes good use of the 3D tool to give depth to the front door.

And here's a further selection by Bob Hahn from last Christmas, starting with Santa Sighting

And 'just an idea' from TalkGraphics Xmas 07

Share the Joy. Quite simply everything a cartoon should be:

And finally from Bob, the cats strike back with Meowy Christmas!

We've also selected two masterful card designs by Paul Söderholm from Finland, which originally appeared in the December 2006 and December 2007 Group Shows in The Xara Xone.

And on the subject of the Xara Xone, two classic card designs from the Xone guru himself, Gary Priester.

This final image from Gary is a stereogram. Relax your eye - look through the image - and if you're lucky the center image springs into 3D. It's magic and no 3D glasses needed!

You can see more stereograms from Gary and other Xara artists in the December 07 Inspirational Art.