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Inspirational Art

Stereograms. Several distinguished Xara artists use Xara Xtreme to create stereograms, perhaps the most well known being Gary Priester, guru of the Xara resource site The Xara Xone. But can you see them? The trick is to relax your eyes, as if you are viewing things way off in the distance through your monitor. You should see a 3D image in there somewhere - if you're having difficulty try moving closer or further away, the distance does have to be just right. It may help to read Gary's Workbook in the Xone.

Here's our pick of some of the best from Gary and from frequent TalkGraphics contributor Gnurf.

Gary Priester

A suitably sparkly stereogram called Gears from this months' Group Show in the Xara Xone.

Or how about some 3D effect Gnomes, featured in this TalkGraphics thread.

And a stereogram of people looking at stereograms from this Talkgraphics thread!


Gnurf has posted some of his great duck cartoon images in TalkGraphics over the year. Inevitably, inspired by Gary's images, he tried his hand at stereographic ducks. These are a bit larger and maybe you'll need to stand further back.

And how about this homage to Ren´┐Ż Magritte's "Golconde", offered in this TalkGraphics thread.

And for those of you who love these ducks and struggle with the stereograms, here are some of our favorite, regular straightforward ducks from Gnurf.

'The Duck Playing Chicken' featured here (or for the Two Ducks version read this one.)

And finally "Don't disturb my circles". But if you enjoyed Gnurf's Ducks as much as we did you can can find a few more posted on TalkGraphics.