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This drawing of a Dodge Viper car has to be one of the most photorealistic drawings ever created using Xara. Find out more

Xara has recently made good use of iStockphoto's royalty-free photos and now we've discovered iStockphoto are Xara fans as well. So we've joined up to provide some interesting offers to Xara customers.

Find out more

As some of you know we're creating an open-source version of Xara Xtreme for Linux and the Mac. We've recently delivered a version 0.4 which is pretty functional. It now loads and renders all .xar files. Most tools now work, and it looks and works very like the Windows version.

In fact after using it for a few minutes it's easy to forget you are using Linux and not the latest Xara Xtreme on Windows. Having said that there are some critical missing features that prevent the product actually being useful. You can't save anything, and nor can you export bitmaps. But we hope within a few weeks both of these will be resolved.

Find out more and download the latest from here...

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Xtreme tip: Did you know that you can drag selected objects even if you can't see them, say because they are hidden under other objects. Just hold down Ctrl and Alt key when you start dragging. Doesn't matter where you drag, this will move only the selected objects. And you can let go of the key once the drag has started.

  • Xara Xtreme 2.0f Patch
  • Key shortcut changes
    As we move towards creating Mac and Linux versions of Xara Xtreme it looks as if we're going to have to change some basic key shortcuts in order to retain cross-platform compatibility. We're also getting an increasing number of users asking for key shortcuts to be more compatible with industry standard applications such as Adobe Photoshop. So we are looking at changing some of the basic key shortcuts. If you want to know more, you can join a thread about it on the TalkGraphics forums here.

Do you think the Adobe/Macromedia merger is good for graphics software?

Adding watermarks to photos with Xtreme
If you want to see how to create a transparent watermark like this, there's a short step-by-step movie you can find here...
Or you can select Help-> Movies and find it in that list.