New design types

Xara3D 5's automatic 3D button maker proved very popular, so we've taken the same concept to offer other one-click transformations - enormously increasing the type of graphics you can create
Borders. Adds a customizable border around your heading, giving it instant added impact.
Boards. Sits your heading on a solid customizable board, so the image appears to emerge from a solid background.
Boards with holes. The reverse of boards - gives an impression of a cut-out image.

Completely overhauled and improved user interface

The new UI brings Xara3D right up to date and makes it significantly quicker and easier to use, including:
A new, modern look and feel
Convenient and time saving docking windows and toolbars
New context sensitive menus, all fully customizable

More control over animation exports

You can now select to save a 3D animation in any AVI format. So, for example if you have the correct codec installed you can create DivX or MPEG4 movies of your favourite 3D animations, and you can control the compression and other settings for each movie type.

Easier than ever to use

Xara3D has always been popular due to its ease of use. With the totally new interface, new easier to use help guide, and many other small enhancements (many requested by existing owners of Xara3D) we're confident that this is our easiest to use Xara3D yet!

New bevel types

There are also two new bevel types from which to choose.

More interactive tools

Current Xara3D users will know how easy it is to move objects and change shadows in Xara3D just by clicking and dragging. We've now applied the same ease of use to extrusion, bevel depth and moving text on a design—simply drag on the image, and see the result instantly! It's far more intuitive, and a real time saver—great for experimentation.

Enhanced Compatibility with Xara X¹ and Xara Xtreme

Thanks to cut and paste compatibility with Xara X¹ and Xara Xtreme you can now paste shapes from Xara X¹ and Xara Xtreme into Xara3D 6, extrude and edit in Xara3D, then paste your 3D designs back into Xara X¹ and Xara Xtreme as bitmaps.