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Software Updates

Color Palette from Photos

A common professional trick is to tie the document colors to colors used within a key photo in that document. 

Normally this is a pretty time consuming, manual process. Web Designer now includes a powerful new tool that will analyse a photo, identify the pre-dominant colors in that image, and create a color palette of those colors with the names Theme Color 1 to Theme Color 5. By using those Theme Colors in your document, and linked shades of those colors, you can quickly and easily give your document a harmonious, professional look.

Try it yourself with our demo doc!

An example of just how effective this feature can be. The same text and layout with different photos, with theme colors based on the photo

Auto-Fitting Text

A powerful and time-saving new option that automatically resizes your text to 'best fit' into any shape. Forget about manually adjusting your font size, just turn on the new auto fit feature and type away - what you type will be automatically re-sized to fit. What's more it works with mixed font sizes, maintaining the relative size, and it even works with repelling borders!

Your text simply resizes to fit the shape, as you type

Other Text Handling Improvements

  • You can now include embedded graphics in Repeating text such as headers and footers, and anchor objects to that text

Import & Export

  • There have been some significant improvements in PDF import and Word import & export  - see the Release Notes for full details

New Case Options

You now have lots of new case options available to you - including ALL CAPS, all lower and Initial Caps and small caps. You'll find them in the Advanced Text Toolbar under Text Capitalization. Simply apply them like other text settings such as bold and italic. Another great time-saver!

New Content

Tables v2

Basic tables were introduced in v15 but they've taken a big step forward with this release.

Like all SmartShapes editing is visual and interactive: you can use simple drag and drop to arrange the table, add or remove columns, adjust the width and height of rows and columns or the whole table, re-arrange rows, adjust spacing and cell padding. It's now an ultra-flexible table tool.

Improvements include the ability to paste tab delimited text data into your table, better border control, cell merging and un-merging, improved selection options and inner & outer padding controls. See the Release Notes for full details.

One of the new Table SmartShapes. Select Insert > Table.. to check them out.

Improved Arrows

Arrows are one of the most popular elements in the entire Content Catalog, which is why we've built Arrow SmartShapes into one of the most flexible and easy-to-use arrow tools to be found. 

We've made some significant improvements to the Arrow SmartShapes, see the Release Notes for full details. And we have a selection of the new Arrow SmartShape designs in the Content Catalog: Insert > Shape > Arrows to give them a try.

Editing an arrow is an interactive, visual experience, and now there's nothing you can't edit!

Enhanced Pie Charts

Pie Charts are a new addition to the Charts category. These offer a super-easy way to create high quality vector pie charts. Designer will even automatically calculate the correct percentages for each pie slice!

Like all SmartShapes there are some very flexible editing options:
  • You can adjust the pie segments by dragging the handles, entering the figures or pasting CSV data
  • You can display values as percentage or absolute
  • It will automatically position the labels around the pie
  • You can 'pull out' sections to highligh important data
  • Segment colors are taken from theme colors or a color of your choice

Pie Chart with data import area (you can paste in CSV data)

New Templates & SmartShapes

  • 4 new Pie Charts in Components > Print & Web Components > Charts
  • 2 new Smart Tables in Components > Print & Web Components > Tables
  • 6 new Arrow designs in Components > Print & Web Components > Arrows

You can view previews of a selection of the themes and other templates in the Online Content Catalog.

We will soon be offering a public API for SmartShapes for anyone interested in developing their own (programmed in Javascript).

Some of the new Arrows (the shaft is now a line and not a fill, so you can use line effects such as dash patterns)

Xara Cloud

Web Designer benefits from seamless integration with Xara Cloud, which makes it a great additional service.

Xara Cloud is an ultra-simple way to edit and share your Xara websites online in a web browser, using any computer or tablet. The Premium version of Xara Cloud also gives you the ability to work on Xara sites or Xara Cloud templates (including print templates) in collaboration with friends, colleagues and clients, commenting and editing together in real-time.

Xara Cloud is being constantly enhanced, and new features are made available as and when they are ready - you can find news of the very latest updates here.

You can find out more about the free and Premium Xara Cloud options & register here.

Edit your Xara designs in a browser using any device