Release Notes March 2022 Xara Cloud

Release Notes

Designer Pro X is sold and supported by our retail partner Magix. You can find full details on the Designer Pro X updates in our V19 Release Notes.

You can find information on previous Designer Pro X updates here.

March 2022

To Help With SEO

When it comes to SEO a great position is built on a mountain of small improvements - and here's a few more that are worth working on!
  • You can now set Canonical tags to deal with the problem of duplicate content
  • There's a new option to quickly set the original photo filename as the Image Name
  • noopener and noreferrer attributes are now added to any target="_blank" links

Other Improvements

We've included a host of small but useful enhancements and fixes. In this release that includes:
  • 21 new Google fonts offering new and interesting typography options 
  • PDF, Powerpoint and Word import improvements
  • Fixed an issue with AI files in the Online Content Catalog
  • When pages are re-ordered, page breaks are now added to prevent text moving between pages
amongst others, you can find all the details in the Release Notes.

Improved on-screen Colors

The 'Show Printer Colors' options has been replaced with 'Show Profile Colors', so onscreen color (HSV and RGB) will vary with the color profile selected, and should more closely match the colors in your PDFs.

Self-Hosted Google Fonts

We've reacted quickly to the latest legal developments in Europe, which cast doubt on whether calling Google to display Google Fonts complies with GDPR.

No-one wants to give up their Google Fonts, so Designer Pro will now automatically publish the fonts to your own web space and no longer reference Google, offering instant compliance. You don't need to do anything other than re-publish your website.

What's more, with the great font support in modern browsers the balance of advantage has been moving in favor of self hosting, so you could also benefit from speed improvements for your web page, with all the SEO benefits that brings. Double win!

Xara Cloud

Designer Pro benefits from seamless integration with Xara Cloud, which makes it a great additional service.

Xara Cloud is an ultra-simple way to edit and share your Xara documents and websites online in a web browser, using any computer or tablet. What's more you can work on Xara documents and sites or Xara Cloud templates in collaboration with friends, colleagues and clients, commenting and editing together in real-time.

Xara Cloud is being constantly enhanced, and new features are made available as and when they are ready - you can find news of the very latest updates here and register for the free trial here.

NEW - If you'd like to combine Xara Designer Pro and Xara Cloud, check out Xara Pro+, a new subscription option combining Xara Designer Pro+ and Xara Cloud Pro in one great value bundle.

Edit your Xara designs in a browser using any device