'Scroll' animation type added

A new 'scroll' animation type. Now you can scroll text vertically, horizontally or into and out of the screen, with full control over the speed.  Both the scroll and new scroll in & out animations are perfect for movie and video opening titles and closing credits (export as AVI, compatible with any movie software).

Integration with MAGIX movie & slideshow products

Xara 3D Maker 7 can export animations with a transparent background in a proprietary format called CFX which can be imported into MAGIX slideshow and movie editing software, Photostory (v9 & later) and Movie Edit Pro (v17 & later). Which makes 3D Maker the perfect choice for creating overlaid 3D captions for movies or slideshows produced in MAGIX software.

Create animated 3D captions with transparent backgrounds for use in MAGIX movie and slideshow titles

'View options' panel

A 'View options' panel which gives additional advanced control over the X/Y position of an image against its background, allows you to precisely change the angle of rotation and viewpoint, and offers a new wireframe mode which can simplify the display and speed up animation viewing time.

Compatible with Windows 7

Official Win 7 compatibility. Also optionally for Windows 7 rarely used fonts are hidden to unclutter the font list.

Other software compatibility

You can now cut and paste your 3D images to Microsoft Word and other programs.

'Scroll in/out' animation type added

A second new 'scroll in/out' animation type, which includes separate control over how the text enters and leaves the screen - so for example it could scroll in slowly from the right, hesitate and then exit quickly upwards!

Bevel types added

7 new bevel types, increasing even further the range of different styles you can create.

7 new bevel types including smoothed, fancy incut 3, angle faced and angle cornered

Save & restore

Automatic save and restore of the current design on program exit and start-up, or on Windows shutdown.

Easy access to samples

Instant access to over 700 ready made Xara 3D Maker samples via a new Open Samples option in the File menu.