10 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Facebook Marketing For Real Estate

published by Tait Militana

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Facebook offers a lot of marketing advantages for real estate agents. You can use it to promote listings and content, develop a brand or business niche, or connect more personally with your community and leads. But like with most things, it takes planning and effort. In this article we’ll review 10 strategies to get more out of Facebook marketing as a real estate agent.

1) Remember Most Users Are Mobile

Facebook said in 2016 that more than half of its users accessed the site exclusively from a mobile device. The mobile share has continued to grow since. As a real estate agent, you should take this into account when creating content. For example, square video tends to perform better on Facebook because it is easier to view on a smartphone or tablet. Captions also can help your audience view your content when they do not have headphones.

2) People Are Not Looking for Your Content

Unlike some other platforms (like YouTube), Facebook users generally do not logon looking for specific content. The Facebook experience is more passive. Users scroll through their feed and click on the content that piques their interest. As a real estate agent on Facebook, you have to be a little more direct in your content. Any video you create needs to hook your audience in the first three seconds. Any photos or charts you use need to grab your lead’s attention.

3) Define a Narrow Target Audience

Facebook has more than 2 billion active users. That is a lot of different profiles, personalities and characters. As a real estate agent, you should try to market to a super small band of these users. You should define your target audience as narrowly as possible and develop content specifically for them. This will ensure your content and ads are relevant, and it will help maximize conversion rates.

4) Use Social Proof

Facebook is a network, so communication passes from you to your audience, but also within your audience. In many ways, the latter is more important. If your clients provide positive feedback about you and your business, this carries more weight than if you say it yourself. You can foster audience dialog with social proof. By encouraging and posting reviews and testimonials, you can support your pitch with a demonstrated history of success.

5) Send Listings to Facebook

Facebook offers dynamic ads. This is a great tool to maintain a connection with your leads even after they leave your site. But to use dynamic ads you need to build a catalog of listings on Facebook. To speed up this process, you can use software to automatically send your IDX listings to Facebook for ads and campaigns.

6) Improve Your Call to Action

Your call to action is the part of your Facebook marketing that encourages your leads to do something. This phrase has outsized importance because it is closely linked to conversion. A strong call to action is concise and personal. It requests that your leads take an action and conveys a benefit if they do so.

7) Use the Search Function

Facebook also provides an opportunity for real estate agents to find new leads. By using the search function, agents can look for Facebook posts that match some of their business keywords. Then they can reach out and develop relationships. For example, if you search “moving to” + [your home community], you will find people talking about moving to your market. This is useful information!

8) Develop a Niche

Facebook also provides strong branding opportunities. If you are having trouble standing out in your market, you can use Facebook to develop a niche. You can post specialized content to Facebook and build an expertize in one segment of the real estate industry. You can corner this sub-market and then branch out.

9) Release Exclusive Content

As an active marketer on Facebook, you want to generate likes and comments. You want to build a dialog around your content and a community that supports your business. To encourage people to like your Facebook page, you can provide Facebook-exclusive content. This content will lead your web users to your Facebook page where you can interact with them and develop a closer relationship.

10) Be Open and Be Yourself

Real estate makes for great content. It is a luxurious and fast-paced pursuit that generates a lot of beautiful photos and video. In many ways, the best thing you can do to get more out of Facebook is pull back the curtain. Be yourself. Show your audience the amazing life you live. You’ll be rewarded with a tight community of followers.

Few real estate agents use Facebook to its full potential. With these 10 Facebook marketing tips for real estate you can generate more leads and take your business to the next level.

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